Bangladesh Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTCCI) is an international joint Chamber between Bangladesh and Thailand which was established in 2003 having been duly registered with the Joint Stock Companies of Bangladesh under section 28 of the companies act, 1994 in Bangladesh. BTCCI provides assistance to Bangladeshi and Thai companies to promote trade, commerce and investment between two friendly countries.


The membership of the BTCCI includes Thai Companies doing business in Bangladesh, Bangladesh Companies whose primary business is representing Thai produced goods and services; and non-profit organizations of Thai origin.


Bangladesh Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTCCI) is also an independent non profit service oriented organization that promotes leadership, strategic thinking and bilateral business partnerships. According to the articles of the association any profit occurred shall be applied in promoting the objectives of the association and no dividend shall be paid to the members.BTCCI’s mission is to help Private Sector leadership in trade & industry and wants to foster strategic capabilities through the interchange of ideas, information and knowledge leading to trade and investment between the two countries. Towards that end, BTCCI continuously resorts to programmes, publication, seminars and active participations in the different business forums.


A 15 member Board of Directors is responsible for directing its business while a secretariat is acting to implement its directives.


Vision of BTCCI

Accelerate economic prosperity of Bangladesh and Thailand through trade and investment.

Mission of BTCCI

With the valuable expertise of the members from different business fields from both the countries, BTCCI is committed to serve the business community of Thailand and Bangladesh promoting thereby trade and investment and economic prosperity of both the countries.

Objectives of BTCCI

  • To collect and provide business information to the business community of Bangladesh and Thailand.
  • To promote the two-way trade and investment between Thailand and Bangladesh.
  • To explore new areas of investment and encourage the establishment of Bangladesh-Thailand joint ventures in Bangladesh and Thailand.
  • To identify areas of difficulties in investment and trade and take steps to overcome those.
  • To arrange training programs/ workshops/ seminars for different sectors’ business Development in both Bangladesh and Thailand.