Membership Procedure 

  1. General Members

Any person including firm, company or organization dealing in business primarily with or in Thailand or in Thai Products is eligible to be a General Member of the Chamber.

    2. Honorary Member 

The Board of Directors may invite any distinguished person to become Honorary Member of the Chamber.

  • Membership Fees for General Members 

(For General Membership: Tk 50,000)

Entry Fee Tk. 35,000/- (Thirty Five Thousand) only.

Annual Subscription Tk. 15,000/- (Taka Fifteen Thousand) only.

  • Membership Fees for Associate Members 

(For Associate Membership: TK. 40,000)

Entry Fee Tk. 28,000 (Taka Twenty  Eight Thousand) only.

Annual Subscription Tk. 12,000/- (Taka Twelve Thousand) only.

Membership Procedure

Eligible firm / companies / organizations can collect Membership Application Form from the office of BTCCI and submit the same along with the required Membership Fee (Tk. 35,000/- as entry fee and Tk. 15,000/- as current year subscription) and their supporting documents consisting of:

  1. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Copy of Trade License
  3. Copy of TIN
  4. Documents related to previous and current business with Thailand/Bangladesh.
  5. Two Copy of Passport Size Photo
  6. NID Photo Copy
  7. Interest Letter

The membership is subject to approval by the Board of Directors of BTCCI.

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